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  1. Carlos

    Is this enough airflow for my PS5? :)

    I think you are fine. The heat should flow out just fine, especially if you say the room is "cool."
  2. Carlos

    Where are my games?!?

    That video isn't me, I am just trying to help. I don't have PS5, yet. :(
  3. Carlos

    Where are my games?!?

    Maybe this will help...
  4. Carlos

    Hi all

    Welcome to PS5Forum.com! :)
  5. Carlos

    Dualshock 5 not charging as it should?

    I see. As for bolded, you can buy the charging station. I recommend that thing as an alternative. :) Better than exchanging or returning. I think the charging cable just needs a full firmware update.
  6. Carlos

    Astro’s Playroom

    It's pre-installed with every PlayStation 5 console shipped. There is no "one version is better than the other." I know the question you're asking, but I think it's going to be the same game.
  7. Carlos

    Dualshock 5 not charging as it should?

    Yes, so, if you didn't download that, do it tonight. But if you did, this issue may not have been the solution to your issue. Don't put your PS5 in Rest Mode for any game for the time being. Only use Rest Mode for downloads, or charging. It's kinda the same arguement as the "download game in...
  8. Carlos

    Dualshock 5 not charging as it should?

    Did you upgrade the firmware? Spawn Wave talks about it in his new video...
  9. Carlos

    ps5 120hz issue

    Hm. I see. Well, I'm sorry about your poor experience.
  10. Carlos

    ps5 1440p

    They said that they can update their firmware to support it, it just depends on the demand. So, start demanding.
  11. Carlos

    ps5 120hz issue

    I think when they said "120hz compatible" and "HDMI 2.1 compatible," they mean literally that. Your TV - ahem, I mean monitor - may support 120hz, and support HDMI 2.0 (with that HDMI 2.1 cable), what it sounds like is that the software in the firmware doesn't really support PlayStation 5...
  12. Carlos

    Game Update Problems

    Either update PS5, or rebuild the PS5. I don't have PS5, but congratulations on your new PlayStation 5! :)
  13. Carlos

    The PS5 is launching

    That's the title of a new blog post written by Jim Ryan, the current Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) President and C.E.O. The PlayStation 5 console is launching as of the writing of this post. It's November 11 at 7pm EST, but it is very much close to launch. Jim Ryan shared his enthusiasm...
  14. Carlos

    Hello everyone

    You're welcome to PS5Forum, AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOW THE DAMN RULES.
  15. Carlos

    Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

    Launch Trailer released for Next Gen consoles...
  16. Carlos


    Livestream with Developers: Launch Trailer:
  17. Carlos

    Sony says you'll need to order online to get PS5

    Sony took to their blog to announce that you'll need to order online in order to get PlayStation 5. They're trying to be "safe" from the current pandemic spread of the virus to others. I think this is both a good thing, and a bad thing. The good thing is keeping everyone safe, and at distance...
  18. Carlos

    Unboxings of PlayStation 5 are here

    On October 23, 2020 – Austin Evans, a YouTuber with 4.7 Million subscribers, unboxed the PlayStation 5’s controller to see what you get when you purchase the controller. Austin also did a teardown of the controller to see what’s under the shell of the controller… On October 27, 2020 – Easy...
  19. Carlos

    Demon's Souls

    Recently, a new gameplay trailer of Demon's Souls was released....
  20. Carlos

    PS5 Pre-orders Delayed Until 2021?

    I think it's more of a mix between Coronavirus, retailers being stupid, and ...scalpers being stupid.