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  1. Titan

    What PS4 Game Are You Currently Playing?

    That and also too I'm sure people are stuck at home because of the whole corona virus thing. I'm sure that helped to dwindle any physical copy supplies out there just because people are looking for things to do :) That's what happened with the Switch. People realized they were gonna be home for...
  2. Titan

    What PS4 Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Yeah. Supply lines are probably thin but flowing. And with people stuck inside indefinitely, things like video games have been flying off the shelves :) Also yeast. I can't buy yeast anywhere near me....I guess people are making a lot of bread lol.
  3. Titan

    What PS4 Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Corona virus definitely has a hand in that lol. A couple weeks ago my friends were all trying to buy Switches. They were sold out everywhere. Meanwhile, as they were complaining they couldn't get it and game, I fired up my PS2 and was having the time of my life :D EDIT: If you want it shipped...
  4. Titan

    What PS4 Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Currently still working on Death Stranding. 4 months and still barely halfway through. Oh well!
  5. Titan

    Compatible wheels with PS5 will be?

    I mean, if it's incompatible, it may only be temporary. Nice thing about Sony is they constantly add features to their consoles. They'd be dumb to not allow any kinds of hardware backwards compatibility. Hell, the PS3 PS Move works flawlessly with PS4 and they didn't even support it this...
  6. Titan

    PlayStation 5 to be revealed tomorrow!

    Is importing an option? If it's like PS4, PS5 may not be region locked so you can import and play games :)
  7. Titan

    Compatible wheels with PS5 will be?

    Just judging by past experience, I'm sure it'll be compatible. I still use a PS3 headset on my PS4. Works fine except the battery life is crap now lol. I also vaguely remember the Logitech PS2 racing wheels worked on PS3 and PS3 racing wheels worked on PS4. Of course, nothing is guaranteed as of...
  8. Titan

    PS5: Where's The Rest Of It?

    They just need to slap a giant fan on the top of the case and problem solved.
  9. Titan

    PlayStation 5 Controller Revealed

    It's definitely refreshed. I'll pass judgement on it when I can actually get it in my hand. I loved the DualShock4 so this has quite a bit to live up to IMO. It's not drastically different it seems. Just hope they got the battery life better than the DS4 though :)
  10. Titan

    PS5 News - Sony will release 2 PlayStation 5 consoles!

    Oh yeah. Like I said, I was able to understand the PS4 pro ;) But if they release the two consoles, that begs the question, will gamers of the cheaper one be left in the dust. The big concern among the PS4 Pro for some time was developers only developing a game for PS4 Pro leaving PS4 regular...
  11. Titan


    Looks interesting. But I have to say, I am leary of Gearbox games that aren't Borderlands. Seems every IP they've come out with or anything they had their hand in fell completely flat or was disappointing (i.e. Battleborn). Even if I have a PS5 at this time, I think I'll wait for people's...
  12. Titan

    PS5 News - Sony will release 2 PlayStation 5 consoles!

    I was annoyed when they did that with the PS4, mostly because I wanted it and didn't have 4K nor was looking to buy another PS4. I understood it because 4K really took off this past console generation and not everyone had 4K to merit getting the Pro. Now? What's the point? Guess we'll see when...
  13. Titan

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome aboard!
  14. Titan

    Does Any one use VPN for Online Gaming?

    Me personally I don't. But I see the logic in it. If the game is more popular in say Europe than in the states, you probably can set it for there and reduce wait times.
  15. Titan

    Two tvs

    Last time a buddy and I played together, we just logged into the PSN and went from there. Like we weren't in the same room. Was easy that way. But it also was Dead Space 3. And you had to do it that way. So yes, LAN them :)
  16. Titan

    PS4 Turns On and Off again in a second, light goes blue once.

    To me it sounds like a power supply issue based on the quick Googling I did for you. Try this. https://tronicsfix.com/blogs/news/ps4-on-and-off-fix
  17. Titan

    Viewing video files on usb

    You used to not be able to do it in the past but you should be able to now by going into the Media Player app. Give that a try. If you don't have it, you should be able to download it.
  18. Titan

    What PS4 Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Bought Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for 8 bucks on Amazon. I just finished Human Revolution (can't believe I didn't play it back in the day but it was nice firing up the ole PS3 for some gaming) and wanted more. I only played an hour so can't get a full opinion on it. But so far, I like it.
  19. Titan

    Latest PS4 Game purchases

    Not gonna lie. I had to Google it myself. I thought it was uploaded to the server previously. Yeah. It's super simple. But the clincher is you still need the old game to do it. Otherwise you will be starting from scratch. But I was lost as hell in BL2 when I started again. I didn't remember...
  20. Titan

    "Anthem" was a scam from the beginning!

    I wouldn't go as far as saying it's a "scam". More like they had no idea what they were doing. I haven't been following it too closely but I had a feeling there would be major issues. Mostly for the fact you have a company known for storybased RPGs trying to be Bungie. It was setup for disaster...