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  1. Angry_Chainsaw

    Sony confirms the next console is PlayStation 5

    Tnx for that information dude. I can't wait holiday 2020th... Do you think Sony will throw out the Pro version of the console when and the basic PS5 version? I would love it very much... PS5 for my son and PS5Pro for me, not that we all spend $600 plus various accessories for next gen console...
  2. Angry_Chainsaw

    Wait... Will PS5 even come out?

    Thank's man for answering me precisely and seriously with instruction which I will follow right now. p.s. My tension is now, quit a bit, less... Tnx man... Послато са SM-N960F помоћу Тапатока
  3. Angry_Chainsaw

    Wait... Will PS5 even come out?

    What yours opinions with price both next gen console? That's interested me mostly, because if the price will be (just example) 700$ in my country which is not supported by the SonyPlaystation, will be more than 800$... When was PS4Pro release I will pay for that console in January 2017 about...
  4. Angry_Chainsaw

    Wait... Will PS5 even come out?

    Guy's what do you think about price of next gen console AKA PlayStation 5, is it possible to be higher than 700$? I'm asking this because in my country, which is not supported by the Sony PlayStation, Serbia is always increase 100$ price than in the other Europe countries... I was pay at January...