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  1. Carlos


    During The Game Awards, Gearbox Software, the guys behind Borderlands announced and teased a little bit about their new IP. Gearbox announced "Godfall" for PlayStation 5. Not much was revealed, but Gearbox says this game is an action RPG with looter ideals. Here's the entire The Game Awards...
  2. Carlos

    stupid question

    I'm guessing you'll need to download the "Amazon Prime Video" app on your PS4. I'm not familiar with how that works, but I did a search on google, and that was the first thing that came up. I'm seeing two references: Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon Video. Here's two of the searches: Step 1...
  3. Carlos

    Game recommendation

    Welcome to PS4Forum, I mean.. PS5Forum. :p I am 37, and I am an avid PS4 player. :) As for your question: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a good game. Thing is though, those reviews on websites are slanted. Right now, all the rage is currently journalists are double agenting as political...
  4. Carlos

    God of War 3 / God of War 4 Backwards Compatibility

    First off, welcome to PS5Forum.com! Second off, Sony confirmed that they're aiming to have their next console (PS5) to have Backward Compatibility with PS4. So, if Sony gets it right - the answer to your question is yes. The reason why PS3 couldn't be Backward Compatible on PS4 is because of the...
  5. Carlos

    Hello Everyone

    I'm good. Welcome to PS5Forum.com!
  6. Carlos

    If you see any issues, just let me know.

    If you see any issues, just let me know.
  7. Carlos

    Fixing PS5Forum.com. Give me time. Thanks for understanding!

    Fixing PS5Forum.com. Give me time. Thanks for understanding!
  8. Carlos

    Changes Phase 3: PS5Forum.com!

    Since Sony announced that their next generation console is indeed called the "PlayStation 5." I was excited. I am now proud to announce that PS4Forum.com will undergo a domain change. Ladies and Gentlemen: PS5Forum.com! I acquired the domain late 2017, and I've been sitting on the domain for a...
  9. Carlos

    Sony confirms the next console is PlayStation 5

    In a blog post, Sony announced that their next-gen game console is indeed PlayStation 5. The blog post is here, and it explains that PS5 will ship with a new controller. This controller switches the force feedback from rumble to haptic, and the trigger buttons will have adaptive technology...
  10. Carlos

    Two tvs

    Yes, treat it like a lan party. Connect your PS4 via ethernet cable to the other PS4, and play games like that. That's how it's always worked. Like the original PSX, or the PS2, or the PS3. Nothing different here. Unless someone can correct me here or say otherwise.
  11. Carlos


    Welcome to PS4Forum.com! :)
  12. Carlos

    Want a free copy of CODMW? Sign up, post, and win!

    I, Carlos Morales, am giving away a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Call of Duty: WWII for PS4. If you want to win both games for your PlayStation 4 (and/or your PS4 Pro), look for the link below to take you to the thread about the contest. If you want to learn more about how to...
  13. Carlos

    Can anyone answer some questions about the performance of your PS4

    1. Almost launch PS4. 2. Almost every day. 3. About 5 or 6. 4. A few problems. I don't feel like going into them right now, but I encountered a few hardware, a few software (the OS)-related issues with PS4, and others are related to the games. 5. I solved the problems by sending the errors to...
  14. Carlos


    It's not a bad thing, or an issue, just odd. :)
  15. Carlos


    Welcome to PS4Forum.com! :) Weird seeing a Mario avatar on a PS site...
  16. Carlos

    Hi guys

    Welcome to PS4Forum! :)
  17. Carlos

    controller problems

    Which controller is it? The old, launch PS4 controller, or the new CUH-ZCT2 model?
  18. Carlos

    You know, every time a spammer is on these forums and fails to get through our spam wall, it's...

    You know, every time a spammer is on these forums and fails to get through our spam wall, it's an opportunity for me to block their access to registration. Yeah. Exactly.
  19. Carlos


    Put it this way, what is the closest thing to 7-11, GameStop, or Wallmart there? I spent time looking at your map. The closest country is the greater Africa area, so I did a google search: Type in "South Africa PlayStation Support." Go to that link, and find support there. I'm thinking that's...
  20. Carlos


    The best way to do this without using your credit card, is buying the "Cash Card" (the words are different, but behaves similarly to "gift card"). There are $10/$20, $50/$60, and $100 variants. You can find them at your favorite shops - like 7-11.