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  1. Titan

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome aboard!
  2. Titan

    Does Any one use VPN for Online Gaming?

    Me personally I don't. But I see the logic in it. If the game is more popular in say Europe than in the states, you probably can set it for there and reduce wait times.
  3. Titan

    Two tvs

    Last time a buddy and I played together, we just logged into the PSN and went from there. Like we weren't in the same room. Was easy that way. But it also was Dead Space 3. And you had to do it that way. So yes, LAN them :)
  4. Titan

    PS4 Turns On and Off again in a second, light goes blue once.

    To me it sounds like a power supply issue based on the quick Googling I did for you. Try this. https://tronicsfix.com/blogs/news/ps4-on-and-off-fix
  5. Titan

    Viewing video files on usb

    You used to not be able to do it in the past but you should be able to now by going into the Media Player app. Give that a try. If you don't have it, you should be able to download it.
  6. Titan

    What PS4 Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Bought Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for 8 bucks on Amazon. I just finished Human Revolution (can't believe I didn't play it back in the day but it was nice firing up the ole PS3 for some gaming) and wanted more. I only played an hour so can't get a full opinion on it. But so far, I like it.
  7. Titan

    Latest PS4 Game purchases

    Not gonna lie. I had to Google it myself. I thought it was uploaded to the server previously. Yeah. It's super simple. But the clincher is you still need the old game to do it. Otherwise you will be starting from scratch. But I was lost as hell in BL2 when I started again. I didn't remember...
  8. Titan

    "Anthem" was a scam from the beginning!

    I wouldn't go as far as saying it's a "scam". More like they had no idea what they were doing. I haven't been following it too closely but I had a feeling there would be major issues. Mostly for the fact you have a company known for storybased RPGs trying to be Bungie. It was setup for disaster...
  9. Titan

    Pre-Ordering problems

    Only thing I got is to make his dad drive him to the game store to preorder. Like I used to do in the 2000s until I got my license :D Who am I kidding. I still preorder at the store. But I'm old school and I like having physical copies of games if I can help it.
  10. Titan

    Latest PS4 Game purchases

    Same here. Downloaded it a week ago. I had to log in my PS3 and put in Borderlands 2 to upload my character. Had a chance to flip my HDMI's and compare the graphics. Woah. So jaggy on the PS3. The HD remake makes it look so good in comparison. And I'm a purist. But I think I'm slowly coming...
  11. Titan

    PS4 Slim Error

    Any luck?
  12. Titan

    PS4 Slim Error

    You get this when you updated? Googled the error. It doesn't look good. But there is a work around. Check out this link. https://segmentnext.com/2019/03/08/playstation-4-update-6-50-error/
  13. Titan

    Buying games digital instead of disc

    I personally always buy disc. If I buy digital, it's because it's only offered that way in the PS Store or its one of those free deals lol. Personally, I like to show off my game collection in my home. Hard to do that without booting up my console first lol. Also, the other reason I prefer...
  14. Titan

    PSN throttles uplink

    Carlos. I'm hoping it stays that way :) I love Destiny (though haven't played much D2 lately. After I felt like I was getting nickeled and dimed by the season pass, I kinda started to lose interest. But I'll definitely be getting D3. I can't see Sony killing their golden goose. I'm sure they'll...
  15. Titan

    PSN throttles uplink

    They do. It's called Xbox Live and Steam. Don't like their service, go to either of those. I've been using PSN since the PS3 days and I've never had slow connection or anything. It's probably your internet connection that's crappy. Also, this doesn't belong in Off Topic. It belongs in the...
  16. Titan

    Left trigger not working

    My guess is you messed up the contact behind the silicon pad. You have to be careful not to damage it. When I tear down controllers, I take great care not to touch the electrical contacts behind it or scratch them in any way. My last tear town, I accidentally folded over the plastic contact...
  17. Titan

    Use 2.4ghz or 5ghz for wifi connectivity?

    Hard wire in if you can. My router is literally behind my PS3 and PS4 so I hard wired both into the router. You get stable connection that way. 3.4 ghz is fine if you live away from neighbors. I think you get better range with it that than 5G but since so many 3.4ghz routers exist, they tend to...
  18. Titan

    Wait... Will PS5 even come out?

    The answer to your question OP is no. Dedicated consoles will not be obsolete because of more mobile platforms. Not by a long shot. If Gameboy didn't unseat dedicated consoles in the 90s, phones and VR won't either. At least any time soon.
  19. Titan


    Most games require PS+ to play online. If you log into an account without it, you can't use PS+ features.
  20. Titan

    JoyFreak here!

    Welcome aboard. Neat little site you got there! Always nice to see another forum owner around :)