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  1. RaggaJungle

    Would you sell your PS3 for a PS4?

    It's not at all a bad idea to sell a PS3 in orderto buy a PS4, I've been considering it myself. The main thing that would prevent me from selling on my PS3 to make way for the next gen is the fact that PS4 has no backwards compatability. However, I may end up doing it anyway since PS4 is still...
  2. RaggaJungle

    I love the PS4, but come on they really did this?

    I can see why this is frustrating. It seems they have not payed much attention to some small details, however overall if it's functional it's not a huge issue for me.
  3. RaggaJungle

    PSN vs Live

    I personally prefer PSN. I prefer the way it looks and the ease of use with it. PSN for PS3 is also free which is a big bonus I think.
  4. RaggaJungle

    If you don't live in the US then PSN is way overpriced

    This is definetely dissapointing to hear, being a resident of the UK. I think that the prices should have been more fairly worked out, but perhaps it is due to inflation and some other strange 'standards'. I can't see the prices in UK being extortionate though, I can't see it being much more...
  5. RaggaJungle

    If there was ONE game you could get for the PS4, what would it be?

    For me it would have to be Watch Dogs. Out of all of the other titles that are due to be released for the PS4, Watch Dogs is one that has stuck in my memory a lot, so I choose this. The graphics make this game seem very appealing.
  6. RaggaJungle

    Will Uncharted 4 be slated for a 2014 release?

    I hope to see a 2014 game, this game is certainly anticipated by me. Uncharted is one of those games that is very aesthetically pleasing due to the attention given to the graphics. Can't wait for the release.
  7. RaggaJungle

    PS4 loading times

    I have not experienced the loading times for myself, however from what I see on videos of people playing, it seems to be quite speedy - not too different though than that of the PS3 loading times. I believe there will be numerous updates to ensure things run smoothly.
  8. RaggaJungle

    Sony still taking unnecessary jabs at Microsoft on Launch

    I think it is quite funny that Sony is so open about their competitveness like this. Everyone knows that the two consoles are competing for the size of their unique fanbase, so it is no surpise. I would never see either company going out of there way to sabotage the rivals chances, they both...
  9. RaggaJungle

    Do you think that the Vita still has a chance to really take off?

    I agree with this. I own a Vita and it is a bit dissapointing. The Vita simply doesn't offer enough of anything that is so different from other portable gaming devices.
  10. RaggaJungle

    Which Game Have You Regretted Buying Instantly?

    I regret buying BEN 10 Galactic Racing for PS Vita. It's a bit like a bad rip off from Crash Bandicoot. I still own the game but I haven't played it in ages.
  11. RaggaJungle

    Do You Feel The PS2 is Dated?

    I don't see the PS2 as dated really. I suppose I do in some way because PS3 has obviously been released for a long time now, and PS4 is emerging just now. I think PS2 remains a classic console no matter what. The game titles and time spent gaming on it can not simply be forgotten about! Every PS...
  12. RaggaJungle

    PS4 Uk download sizes confirmed

    I also agree that the prices are quite ridiculous, however I am not surpised. If new releases for PS3 can be just shy of £50, then Sony will have no problem having more than a £60 price tag for new PS4 releases. I would be interested to know how much cheaper the games will be for US customers, I...
  13. RaggaJungle

    Those who want a PS4, but didn't pre-order, what is your plan on obtaining one?

    I am in no rush to get a PS4. Of course I can't wait to get my hands on one, but I thought it would be best to enjoy the PS3 a little more first, and wait for the price of the PS4 to drop also. I know that my PS3 will start gathering dust as soon as I buy one, so I think it's good that I play...
  14. RaggaJungle

    Have you ever cried during a video game?

    I once burst in to tears when Heihachi from Tekken pounded my head in. :( Not really, haha I'm joking I've never cried during a game, however it used to be a bit upsetting when I was younger, and had completed a game quicker than I expected to.
  15. RaggaJungle

    Help stuck disc in PS4 won't eject

    I would really reccomend you send it back in to Sony, it will be covered under warranty.
  16. RaggaJungle

    Do you think a Grand Theft Auto V release for PS4 would be feasible?

    I can't see this happening personally, but I could be wrong. To me it would seem odd that Rockstar would release GTA V for the PS4, I think they are more likely to get to work in creating GTA VI. If GTA V was to be released very much the same as it is presented on the PS3, then there will still...
  17. RaggaJungle

    If you buy games based on ratings, why?

    I don't tend to buy games just because of their ratings from other people, but I do like to check reviews, screenshots, trailers and actual gameplay if possible before buying a game. I would be like this with any product I want to buy that's not cheap, it just helps me guarentee I know what I am...
  18. RaggaJungle

    PS4 iPhone and Android Companion Apps Available Now!

    This sounds like a handy app. I think integration here is a good thing, I will definetely be downloading this App, I had no idea about this until now, cool :)
  19. RaggaJungle

    Picking your next game?

    This is not usually a problem for me. I don't buy games all that often, and so I tend to research reviews and screenshots before going ahead and buying a game. I think this poses as more of a problem if I go to download a game, sometimes it can be hard to tell what it's going to be like, I've...
  20. RaggaJungle

    Watch Dogs delayed until 2014

    This is quite dissapointing really. Watch Dogs is on the top of my list for games to be included with the PS4 purchase. On the plus side, I won't be getting a PS4 until next year so I suppose the wait won't affect me overall. Perhaps a delay is not such a bad thing, it just means they have to...