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    Crash N Sane Trilogy

    Who is ready for this game? I am and can't wait to play it!
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    Where to buy 'classic/retro' system games?

    That's awesome, if he is selling let me know. I got 2 copy's of Smash Bros 64 at Goodwill
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    Sonic Mania Physical Release For All Current Gen Systems?

    So ever since Sonic Mania has been announced me and a lot of other people been wanting a physical release of the game but so far there has been no new about one but little info about there maybe being one release. SEGA Product Manager Jim Dyer has told Twinfinite about wanting to make one and...
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    Who loves the Dreamcast?

    Ah the Sega Dreamcast what an awesome system! Do you guys have any memories about it or favorite games? Mine is Phantasy Star Online, I still play it online using DreamPi (Raspberry Pi)
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    Where to buy 'classic/retro' system games?

    I been getting lucky at Goodwill but then again I work there :D
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    Games You Are The Best At

    I'm boss at Sonic 3
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    New member Sonic1994

    Also like Klonoa, Twisted Metal, Crash Team Racing, Driver, Spyro, Rayman
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    Rayman (PS1)

    This game is awesome but gets hard very quick, the second one is a good game to but a 3D platformer
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    Parappa the Rapper

    I love Parappa The Rapper! I started from the second game and from there on I just loved the game series, I can't wait to try Parappa The Rapper on PS4 in 4K
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    Most Underrated Game On PS1

    Klonoa and Parappa The Rapper a little
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    Underrated games?

    The Klonoa series, I love the second one
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    Sega Classic Game Console (bought one)

    I been a Nintendo fan for awhile but the past few months I have lost faith and trust in them, Nintendo games are still ok with me but it will be a long time or even never again will I buy a Nintendo console. I'm going to get the hardcore games on PS4 (The games I want)
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    PSX games on PS3

    All PS3 models can play PS1 games
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    New member Sonic1994

    I really like Sonic The Hedgehog but with Sony I like Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Dexter, Parappa The Rapper and more games that are on Playstation consoles
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    Parappa the rapper

    I need to get a copy of this game and the PS4 remasted
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    Will PS1 CDs Become As Collectible As Nintendo/Sega Cartridges?

    Nintendo games like Mario 64 and Zelda 64 are too much money, a lot of Nintendo stuff is. Do I think PS games will get up there in price? Only time will tell
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    What was your first PlayStation game?

    On PS4 it was GTA V
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    Games On PS1 That You Were Addicted To

    The Crash Bandicoot series
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    Crash Bandicoot

    I can't wait for Crash N Sane Trilogy to come out this year:grin
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    Have you guy's played Five Night's at Freddy's?

    Its a cool game but I never played and care for the other ones. The first will always be the best