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  1. don_bidarian

    Gameplay feels different on new TV

    It has to do with your TV processing stuff. In picture mode, put it on game mode, turn off motion dejudder, HDR and other options which enhance picture quality. Those options slow down refresh rate and response time as the TV needs more time processing and adding stuff to the image and TV CPU's...
  2. don_bidarian


    hahaha, that was funny actually :P
  3. don_bidarian

    Importing own music

    Why add music when there's spotify? I'm a huge spotify fan and been using it on PS4 on occasions when I needed my own soundtrack for the game :P
  4. don_bidarian

    Game Suggestion

    I'm playing FFXV, a bit boring for my taste, but if you are into that type of games, it is a good game, battle system is much more interesting than previous FF or JRPG games in general. I like to try Rise of Tomb Raider. Good games are very rare these days...
  5. don_bidarian

    Disc drive unresponsive - Suggestions please?

    while this solution is not related to this problem, it might work: 1- turn off PS4. 2- unplug from the outlet. 3- press power as long as it beeps. stop when the beeping goes awau. 4.- plug back and turn on. Disk drive migth start working now.
  6. don_bidarian

    PS4 Disk Drive Not working, tried reinstalling system software - PLEASE HELP!

    Does it try to spit out the disk? I had this problem several times and it has a very weird solution. unplug PS4, then press power button until it stops beeping, then plug in and turn on PS4.
  7. don_bidarian

    Which ps4 500 or 1tb

    delete the old games. So far I did not face space shortage on my PS4, although all my games are physical, I dont have any digitally downloaded ones.
  8. don_bidarian

    Happy Birthday to Haze

    Happy birthday mate!
  9. don_bidarian

    PS4 Neo

    yes, PS4 Neo, is still a PS4, the only difference is that it can render games in 4K. So all PS4 games work on both PS4s.
  10. don_bidarian

    Ask Don

    Once I was evicted from my house since I didnt have money to pay rent. Everybody loves pizza! Pepperoni is my favourite.
  11. don_bidarian

    Playstation 4.5

    If they wanna do this they should also provide add on to current PS4 users to have the same features otherwise this could be a problem.
  12. don_bidarian

    Every VR game in develepment as of 18th March 2016

    unfortunately some of them are not real VR, just normal 3rd person games which you can watch it with VR goggles. Until Dawn and Robinso were cool when I saw the demos, I hope they make more games like that to keep the VR going.
  13. don_bidarian

    Game crashed and lost stars

    We are becoming famous! YAY! :P
  14. don_bidarian

    Real Flight Simulator

    Now I need your address. Dont worry, I'll bring whiskey ;)
  15. don_bidarian

    Exclusive graphics vs multiplat graphics

    yeah Killzone was terrible! Graphics are not everything, but why settle for less when you can have more? (Uncharted and last of us for example). I completely agree with you about story over graphics, the problem is most of current games suck in that department as well. As you mentioned GTA V is...
  16. don_bidarian

    Exclusive graphics vs multiplat graphics

    I think the developers are lazy and they dont wanna spend time for each console to make their games perfect. I mean if it looks crappy on all platforms then its no problem right? Anyway even though this is not good for gamers, but I hope Sony and Microsoft land more exclusives so at least we...
  17. don_bidarian

    Exclusive graphics vs multiplat graphics

    After playing several exclusives and multiplats, I couldn't help but notice that on PS4, the exclusive games have significantly better graphics. Infamous, Until Dawn, Order 1886, Uncharted 4(based on videos) all have amazing graphics which are much better than multiplat games such as...
  18. don_bidarian

    The Division Offline

    yeah it seems the good old times are over for us. I remember great single player or local co-op games on PS2 and PS3, with beautiful story and engaging gameplays... now they just force us to play with strangers and just shoot everything that moves...
  19. don_bidarian

    The Division Offline

    that sucks... I think it needs PS+ right?
  20. don_bidarian

    The Division Offline

    Hey Guys, One thing I couldn't understand about The Division. Can it be played single player offline? Does it have a story mode? I liked the gameplay and atmosphere, but I dont have PSN and dont like playing online. If you guys know anything about this please let me know.