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  1. Tekgod20

    PS5 storage

    The ps5 has 825 gb of storage and you can add another m2 ssd card after the ps5 is released, they will provide more info on that.
  2. Tekgod20

    Can you share games with PS5.

    i think ps5 to ps5 should work, but not ps5 to ps4.
  3. Tekgod20

    I hate these scalpers

    I hear target stock's them randomly.
  4. Tekgod20

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

    i can't wait til see how this baby look's on my 65 inch 4k tv.
  5. Tekgod20

    What Accessories do you plan on buying for the PS5?

    So far i just bought the media remote, an extra controller and the ps5 charging station. What PS5 Accessories do you plan on buying?
  6. Tekgod20


    debating if i should get the kobe edition or just the regular edition.
  7. Tekgod20

    Hello There

    new to this forum plan to stick around.