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  1. sparkblade14

    What do you love and hate about destiny?

    Love: -Gun combat feels great. Weapons feel different and powerful. Movement also feels very fluid. -Controls are tight. Supers feel rewarding and there's no awkward movement of your fingers. -The game is gorgeous. The backdrops of the different places you explore are beautiful to watch...
  2. sparkblade14

    Ships in Destiny

    Meh they're just there for show. Bungie did tell people before that you would not be able to control them and that they would only be there for cutscenes or what have you. I honestly wish the rare and above ships were more varied though. A lot of them are poop-colored and they look REALLY ugly...
  3. sparkblade14

    Destiny V Borderlands.. please discuss :)

    Not Ciel but I'll tell you why the mission structure is more diverse in BL. In Destiny, all you really do is: go to point, deploy ghost, defend ghost, repeat, kill boss, end mission. In Borderlands, you have to talk to NPCs, some fetch quests, some quests where you have to shoot at certain...
  4. sparkblade14

    Reviewers didn't like Destiny that much

    He makes very good points in his review. Crappy story, boring mission structure, terrible dialogue but amazing gameplay, graphics, and sound. But damn it, is this game addicting. Even he admits as such. As numerous as the shortcomings of the game are, I can't help but keep playing it. It also...
  5. sparkblade14

    "P.T." announced! Demo available now.

    Well the title of the actual release game will be Silent Hills. PT is just the name for the teaser you can download that reveals the project. I'm really excited for the info we'll get about the game this week from TGS. And dear god please have a great story (although Del Toro is a genius so)...
  6. sparkblade14

    Is Destiny really that good?

    Game is definitely not a 6. I guess review sites had their expectations way too high. People were expecting to be able to travel the whole solar system when Bungie had already said only 3 planets + the moon were available. They had also already mentioned only one explore mission per area. People...
  7. sparkblade14

    pc games you want on console

    Oh I definitely played HL2 and its expansions. Just not on console though. I think I played it when it came out actually. Which is kind of funny looking back since I never played the first Half Life. I thought that game looked incredible but googling some gameplay stills shows that it's...
  8. sparkblade14

    pc games you want on console

    Did anyone really play that version? I remember I bought the Orange Box for the 360 since I wanted to play Portal on console. I didn't play the other games like Half Life 2 though. Also MOBAs like LoL and DoTA 2 would NEVER work on console. It requires too much precision with the mouse and...
  9. sparkblade14


    Reload behind cover, look before crossing a path, etc. It's pretty much the same as in PC except the mouse is much more accurate. Most FPS games do have aim assist though (which is really obnoxious in BF4 btw) to help make up for this. Playing FPS games with friends is also great fun so you...
  10. sparkblade14

    I need game recommendations!

    Second Son will probably fit the beautiful game you're looking for. It's an RPG with powers and an open world, so that'll be a good change of pace for you. Have you played any of the Assassin's Creed games? There's a new one coming out next month. If you don't wanna wait, AC4 is also on PS4. If...
  11. sparkblade14

    Just picked up destiny.

    Yeah I feel the same way as far as plot goes so far. Really generic story so far and no motivation. There isn't even a captivating central character like MC :/ Oh well, hopefully it picks up near the middle or when we actually start to hit the level cap.
  12. sparkblade14

    Can't find a game that does it for me

    Surprisingly not a lot of open world RPGs out right now. There is a multiplayer RPG that's free to play called DC Universe Online. Your kids might enjoy it. I think the big RPG that's coming is the Witcher 3 that is NOT a PC exclusive game (like what yosostupid said). It's available for PS4 but...
  13. sparkblade14

    any good 20 dollor games

    I heard bad things about First Light. Is it any good? I thought Second Son was pretty average (very pretty though). Any changes gameplay and mechanics wise? Transistor is also pretty good at $20. Octodad and Towerfall are also pretty good as well.
  14. sparkblade14

    Just picked up destiny.

    Damn it, I'm jelly of you guys. We Americans have to wait ~ 4 hours of this post and PSN will probably crash >.< I think the majority of this sub will be playing Destiny so try not to spoil anything y'all. I should've bought digital so I could have preloaded.
  15. sparkblade14

    PS4 Update 1.76 Now Available

    F yeah more stability! Now my PS4 will never fall down. Seriously though, I'm just sitting here waiting until Destiny and 2.0. I hate having to go through the browser to use YouTube and using Facebook to post videos.