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Recent content by Sekelani

  1. Sekelani

    Destiny: Leveling Up

    Level 34 is the maximum level you can get up to because getting the taken King.
  2. Sekelani

    Anyone Playing This?

    It was ok. Took me 4 hours to beat. Don't buy it
  3. Sekelani

    New destiny console

    Loving it
  4. Sekelani

    New destiny console

    Check out what I bought. I traded in my old ps4 for this baby with 5old games that I beat and only paid $121. Yay!!!
  5. Sekelani

    Metal gear solid 5

    I would ask for a discount due to the fact you have too wait. Lol.
  6. Sekelani

    Rate the last PS4 game you played!

    I played it through and it took me roughly 5hours. It's a great game though. But way to short.
  7. Sekelani

    Metal gear solid 5

    I'm inlove with this game. It's very well done !!! No wonder why it was given a 10 by ign
  8. Sekelani

    Latest PS4 Game purchases

    I picked up until dawn and metal gear phantom the other day.
  9. Sekelani

    Yay or nay. Scuff controllers

    What are scuff controllers?
  10. Sekelani

    Latest PS4 Game purchases

    Until dawn. I'm liking it thus far
  11. Sekelani

    Who's getting the new 1TB PS4?

    More powerful? How so? Probably not
  12. Sekelani

    Looking for Teammates in Destiny? POST HERE!

    Just started playing destiny again. Add me Sekelani
  13. Sekelani

    System software 2.57 is out

    Hey guys just letting yall know its out. Here is more information. http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2015/07/22/ps4-update-2-57-now-optional/#/slide/1
  14. Sekelani

    Just picked up the God Of War Remastered for PS4

    So I've been playing this game for a few hours and it's awesome. The game does feel a bit dated though, because all the developers added that is new is better graphics at 1080p. That's it. Even at that, games like batman arkam night, infamous second son and destiny look better than this port...
  15. Sekelani

    Just picked up the God Of War Remastered for PS4

    So exited guys. Gonna play it in a few hours. Who else is getting it?