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  1. MegaZero

    Has Anyone Ever Played This Game

    Not really a fan of pin ball for some reason because I think it is really repetitive and boring. But if you are the pinball type of person, this game will definitely suit you! Have fun!
  2. MegaZero

    Triton Kunai Multi-Platform Headset

    In your honest opinion, should I get Turtle beaches or just the one you are using right now? What are the negatives and postivites of the Triton Kunai Multi-platform headset? Did you buy it on sale? If so, how much are they now? I am very interested so help me out here!
  3. MegaZero

    What worlds do you want?

    This. Wreck it Ralph would be awesome and if they could create something like kingdom of hearts with it, then the game will surely be a great hit! Hopefully they will because the idea is great!
  4. MegaZero

    Member of the Month Contest!!!!!

    Awesome! Good luck to whoever is participating because that $30 seems really good and can be a create help for my PS4 funds! All the best to all members!
  5. MegaZero

    Changing PSN ID?

    I am not sure that you can change your PSN id. I would recommend checking with Sony support and personally ask them for a change if you really want it. If not, just create a new PSN account and choose the name you want!
  6. MegaZero

    Naughty Dog looking into Co-op game

    Awesome! Naughty dogs are awesome developers and I personally love all there games. I wish them all the best on there co op games because I know for a fact that I will definitely play it! Good luck to them!
  7. MegaZero

    Did any of you buy a PS3 on Black Friday?

    I am just curious but did any of you buy a PS3 on Black friday despite the release of PS4? If so then why? How much was it? Where did you buy it? And finally, will you get the PS4? If you did, feel free to share with us your experience and reasons!
  8. MegaZero

    M.A.G. Massive Action Game

    Ahhh M.A.G. I remember playing this once I got my PS3 and I absolutely loved it. It is a true shame that the servers are shutting down because then people cannot experience one of the greatest FPS games ever made in history. Shame.
  9. MegaZero

    Would you sell your PS3 for a PS4?

    I have already sold mine and I can tell you I have no feelings of regret it at all. It makes my life much more easier because then I can have more money into my funds for the new PS4. If you are truly a fan of the PS4 and you know that you will not play the PS3 anymore after you get the PS4...
  10. MegaZero

    Sons of Anarchy game?

    This. Some developers just think that following a show that a lot of people watch will automatically make the great game a hit. BUT NO! GAMERS DO NOT WANT THAT! They want games that are UNIQUE and DIFFERENT from others. As you have said, hopefully they learn from there mistakes, even though it...
  11. MegaZero

    Necessary Accessories

    Just be sure to get Remotes, Cables and chargers. I have already bought all of them and honestly, they are the only ones that you actually NEED as for want that is another topic to discuss. Hopefully once you receive the PS4 you will enjoy it!
  12. MegaZero

    Is the PS4 Worth It?

    Honestly, the PS4 is REALLY worth it. Sony has invested a LOT of money into it and the features are just too good for its price. If you are a fan of the PS3 then I can almost guarantee you will love the PS4. The graphics and games that will come out for the PS4 is just too awesome!
  13. MegaZero

    Twitch shuts down Playroom

    Seriously? Is this how disgusted the gaming community is? Is this how virgins are just in order for girls to notice them? Honestly, I HATE the fact that gamers are actually doing this because it sets a HORRIBLE example and ruins the fun for people who ACTUALLY want to use it properly. I hope...
  14. MegaZero

    Jack tretton comments PS4 vs PS3

    PS4 vs Xbox one, the ultimate fight, who will win? No one will know. Honestly, I hate these "fights", just BUY the one you feel is the best for you! What is all this big fuss about? Every companies need to earn money so let them earn! Calm down!
  15. MegaZero

    Do You Feel The PS2 is Dated?

    Honestly, the PS2 is like an antique to me. Not many games are released for it anymore and all it does it collect dust in the corner. But, maybe after 10 more years, it might be worth something so time will tell! Hope it is though!