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    Elder Scrolls Online PS4 & Xbox One delayed by six months – rumour

    http://www.vg247.com/2014/05/08/elder-scrolls-online-ps4-xbox-one-delayed-by-six-months-rumour/ I knew something was up with this. I signed up for the PS4 beta a couple of months back and was thinking the other day that beta waves should be around now, but we haven't heard anything about it...
  2. KMJ_84

    PS4Forum Random Chat Thread

    It's had me ranting all day! I've ended up making a blog about it :o http://shifttheblame.wordpress.com/
  3. KMJ_84

    PS4Forum Random Chat Thread

    This annoys me to high heaven. Video games being blamed for crimes/suicides. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2615694/Loner-schoolboy-murder-suspect-enjoyed-ultra-violent-video-games.html Yesterday in the UK a 15 year old male stabbed his teacher to death. So what do news outlets do...
  4. KMJ_84

    PS4Forum Random Chat Thread

    I'm not a huge fan of donuts. It's the smell that really puts me off :( ... Now the smell of Subway's (as in the sandwich place)... Arghhhhhh :o
  5. KMJ_84

    Enraged COD player summons 60 armed officers to opponent's home

    Done! http://ps4forum.com/20-off-topic-lounge/5107-ps4forum-random-chat-thread.html :D
  6. KMJ_84

    PS4Forum Random Chat Thread

    Welcome to the PS4Forum Random Chat Thread (Almost) ANYTHING GOES Don't worry about de-railling this thread, as this is what it is there for. Any random musings or just a place to rant. 3...2...1...Go!
  7. KMJ_84

    Enraged COD player summons 60 armed officers to opponent's home

    I think we need a thread that we can post our random chats into - where people are invited to derail it with whatever is on their minds.. sort of like a chatbox but in a thread format? :o
  8. KMJ_84

    Enraged COD player summons 60 armed officers to opponent's home

    Well the odd thing is, she came through the double doors in reception, but on her exit, she went behind an old linotype machine which we have on display. The Linotype machine is huge, and there is hardly any space for anyone to go behind, so god knows what she was thinking! :o I agree with...
  9. KMJ_84

    Psn fail

    Sounds like it could be a problem with the router? Any chance you can pick up a wireless router from somewhere like Maplins/Argos? If it doesn't work, you're entitled to refund it within 7 days of purchase.. so you won't lose any money :o
  10. KMJ_84

    Enraged COD player summons 60 armed officers to opponent's home

    Speaking of stupidity, I just covered our reception in the office for a few minutes as they're short staffed today and one needed to go out for lunch. An elderly woman came in to place an advert (I work for a regional newspaper) and when she went to leave she tried to exit via a 6 foot window...
  11. KMJ_84

    Enraged COD player summons 60 armed officers to opponent's home

    Every now and then something stupidly brilliant happens, and this is one of them. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/460467/enraged-cod-player-summons-60-armed-officers-to-opponents-home/ Wow...just wow. :D:D:D
  12. KMJ_84

    H1Z1 Any News

    I'm under the impression that it will be released on PC first and then ported to PS4. Much like what SOE did with DC Universe. As for the pricing information I'm none the wiser either :o
  13. KMJ_84

    Off Topic Lounge

    Why is it needed anyway? What does having a high post count achieve? I'm not being confrontational, just wondering why a higher number of post count matters to some people :o
  14. KMJ_84

    Hi Hi Hi

    Welcome Inxy :cool: