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    Free to play PC game!

    FTP games are almost always a money suck. The are just trying to get you signed up so A:they can market to you since you're now on their mailing list, and B: sell you stuff in game.
  2. GetSome

    Is the PS4 flopping on launch?

    And..... this is why you NEVER buy launch day anything. Launch day electronics hardware is ALWAYS flawed. You guys are literally just paying to be BETA testers.
  3. GetSome

    Guy destroys PS4 on launch day!

    Can't be mad at him because his ploy worked. It just seems sad. H ecould have given that money to a good charity and gotten just as much recognition with the right marketing and gimmick behind it.
  4. GetSome

    Whoever said that graphics is not important?

    It's funny because for FPS gamers, graphics are only important up to a point. Yeah we appreciate being able to see enemies, but game developers are pushing the envelope trying to develop these super lush environments and almost photo quality faces on characters. It's just not necessary when...
  5. GetSome

    Playstation 4 Patch Wishlist

    Unless it was a rear projection or something that must've cost a fortune. I hope you acquired that specifically for the man cave :D
  6. GetSome

    How much do you think PS4 games SHOULD cost?

    Yeah that's crazy talk. Considering a movie costs $10 to $20 depending on where you live and the amount of hours of entertainment you get in a game, I still think it's fair like I said above. But charging per hour? LOL gamers would friggin revolt.
  7. GetSome

    Rumor has it that Crash Bandicoot Might Be Coming to PS4

    One of the few 3rd person cart racing games I can bare to play. I'd get this if it comes to PS4 just to entertain family and kids that stop by the house. I'd have a game I play that I could actually help them with and would be interesting to them. Because, you know, I can't have little kids...
  8. GetSome

    Do you like to use a Mic?

    I like to, but I tend not to. I get really into games and it might be off putting to other players. Plus I'm usually sitting in my living room and it feels weird talking to people on a mic while my wife or kid is sitting there.
  9. GetSome

    Have you guys seen the unboxing of the PS4 on Youtube?

    You're not alone. I already know what it looks like. I don't want to see it until I'm actually looking at my own!
  10. GetSome

    What do you think of the new Dualshock4 controller?

    No I think it will be pretty useful. You have to remember they are trying to win over PC users. Having that touchpad will allow people who aren't used to a controller the ability to more easily navigate menus. Especially the ones where you have to type! I think we can all agree no matter how...
  11. GetSome

    Best game graphics-wise?

    I thought my post would be the /thread post. Apparently those huge images were ignored and this thread keeps plodding along. :D
  12. GetSome

    Jumped from the Xbox train, need PS friends!

    Thanks for this. I will be lonely with no friends when I get my 4 and new to the PSN world in general so I will definitely add myself to the list :D It was the whole XBL gold required to use video streaming services like Netflix (that you already PAY FOR) for me.
  13. GetSome

    What game do you miss the most?

    The original CoD4 MW for sure. I was first introduced to FPS games via Halo but CoD4 MW is what really got me hooked. I have the playstation to thank for that. :)
  14. GetSome

    Do you own all three systems?

    I've got quite the buttload of systems but only 2 types the 360 and the wii. (3 if you count PC and 5 if you count handhelds).
  15. GetSome

    Who still likes the Wii

    We still have a Wii. It sits there and collects dust. My 12 y/o got an xbox and never looked back. In other words, even kids think Wiis are for kids :D