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Recent content by bogota

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    Dualsense retroiluminated

    Such a kickass joystick. Looked like it will transform any minute.
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    Hi to Everybody

    Welcome, toninho73! Let's all just be thankful that we and our family are still safe amid this coronavirus case and still are able to enjoy playing with our family at home. Not all have this privilege but what's most important is to be aware of what we need to do to be safe and practice it. Keep...
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    Does Any one use VPN for Online Gaming?

    I have not tried any paid VPN. I got free ones.
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    The last one I watched in the cinema is Endgame, lol. I became so busy and was not able to get a time to watch any movie after that. Anyway, for me it's 9/10!
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    PlayStation 5 to be revealed tomorrow!

    Wow, this is exciting, too bad we cannot go out yet to check and purchase. Stay safe!
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    PS5: What's Taking SO Long?

    I myself cannot wait for their update or upgrade as well. YAY
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    Hi to Everybody

    Welcome, enjoy here and stay safe there. :)