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    Do You Feel The PS2 is Dated?

    I still hear about people playing the PS2, now what I don't hear about is people still playing the original xbox.
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    Sony is improving the Eye, Yay?

    I agree, it's a gaming console. All I care about is the games. I have a smart TV with a smart receiver, a smart bluray player and a dedicated media PC hooked up to it... I think I have the whole digital media thing covered. And besides.. I don't need a PS4 or an Xbox one to tell my TV what to...
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    Will you still continue to play the PS3 after the release of the PS4?

    My Game collection is too huge to just stop and sell it or whatever. I will have my PS3 collection til I die, I'm sure.
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    PS3 Fat 80Gb Backwards Compatible

    Actually the first to be backwards compatible was the CECHA01 (60GB, card reader & Wifi) and the CECHB01 (20GB, did not have a card reader or Wifi) in November of 2006 and actually had extra hardware (A PS2 inside of the PS3) to play PS2 games. The model that you have is the CECHE01 (80GB, card...
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    Anyone else having issues with standby mode?

    I don't get it. When I put mine on standby and try to turn it back on it does nothing. just has a pulsing white light.
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    PS3 Fat 80Gb Backwards Compatible

    Mine has only been turned on for about a minute and a half, it has firmware 1.10 and is watercooled (Well half watercooled). Lost interest in the project when I realized my screws were too long. I should really finish it up. Edit: Just noticed your title say's 80GB. Mine is the 60GB CECHA01.
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    PS4 loading times

    Technology could allow the use of cartridges again, though I am sure nobody will go back to them because Technology also allows people to pirate things easier these days.
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    I love the PS4, but come on they really did this?

    I am sure someone will make extensions, be patient young padawan.
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    PS2 vs the Dreamcast

    Yeah, but now I have to buy a wii to play Sonic..
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    A PS4 Specific Hardware/Accessory subforum?

    Same, I was asking about headsets earlier and I just ended up putting it in the PS4 General as well.
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    Loud Dualshock 4 rumble motor problem ???? HELP !!!!

    Try testing the vibration while the controller is taken apart and try to see what exactly is making the noise, or if the noise is gone while it is apart.
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    Loud Dualshock 4 rumble motor problem ???? HELP !!!!

    One weight is supposed to be bigger than the other. Do not worry about that. and as long as the wire (ribbon) for the light is not torn or separated from the contacts on the PCB, it is fine.
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    A PS4 Specific Hardware/Accessory subforum?

    I am a big accessory guy and was hoping there would be a decent area in the forums dedicated to PS4 Hardware, accessories and peripherals. Like maybe someone wants to post about their cool custom painted controller or their headset that they use. Perhaps someone wants to talk about upcoming...